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What our advertisers are saying...

Advertiser Testimonials
San Diego Family

Michele Hancock
Director of Marketing

San Diego Family Magazine

What interested you most about DrivAd?
The DrivAd program allows us to utilize readers who already know us and love us to help spread the word. Having brand ambassadors is really important to San Diego Family because it is truly the readers that drive our publication.

Can you tell us more more about utilizing your own readers?
It was really great to see all of our community members being able to be involved with what we do and help to spread our message... Basically we couldn't have done it without DrivAd and having that program set up for us.

How will you recommend DrivAd?
The company is perfect for advertisers that are looking to promote special events or reach targeted markets like families.

Ad Agency:
Catherine Miller & Assoc.

Why was your campaign successful?
The campaign was very successful, it generated more than 2.2MM impressions just 2 months into the campaign. That's just on the road and then an additional large presence on social media.

Will you consider DrivAd again in the future?
Given the success of the H&M campaign, we definitely plan on bringing this to our other clients that we're involved with here in San Diego.

HM Landing

Catherine Miller
Owner - Catherine Miller & Assoc.

Work At Home Expo

Derek Romo
General Manager - Work At Home Business Expo

Work at Home Business Expo

How did you utilize DrivAd for your outdoor advertising campaign?
I first used DrivAd for our Los Angeles event in November of 2012... And we were very pleased with the results. As a result of that show, we decided to try DrivAd again in San Diego, we bumped up the number of drivers to 50 and the number of months to 2. We're looking to see an exponential increase in the response.

Why did you return to DrivAd for a 2nd campaign?
It is a very innovative concept to put these mobile ads on people's cars and most importantly in my view to make them interactive, integrating the texting as well as the QR codes, emails, collecting data from the drivers, allowing viewers to register on the poster itself. It's all an exciting concept!

I am the owner of, a large network of more than 165 health, beauty and wellness practictioners.

Why did you choose DrivAd for your outdoor advertising?
We found DrivAd to be a wonderful, unique, cool way to get our outdoor advertising taken care of by using our products to help pay for the exposure.

Have you been satisfied with your DrivAd campaign?
We're very happy with what's going on, we're getting phone calls, people are going to our website, we're getting social media. I highly recommend DrivAd for your outdoor campaign.


Richard Fiorentino
Founder and CEO -

Hornblower video

Rebecca Milkey
Marketing Director - Hornblower Cruises & Events

Hornblower Cruises & Events

I saw they were a very innovative company with a cool concept. They created a pretty easy system using QR codes that had immediate web reporting and tracking, all of which my corporate office is going to love along with viral possibilities - Just what I needed!

Hornblower tracked the calls, people said they saw us, QR codes were scanned. We tracked conversion to sales.

My next campaign will promote the summer cruises and we're also looking at using DrivAd in L.A., San Francisco and possibly in New York too.